Tuesday, 11 July 2017

28mm Prussian Napoleonic Line Infantry - Elite or Calpe?

I wish I paid attention when I painted things (probably in 2003/4. This is a definite 1813 regiment, but I can remember which.  The Flag is a bought one and the  figures are either or Elite or I think more likely to be Calpe.  I painted them using this book.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Prussian Napoleonic gun and limber 28mm

Just a quick sharing - Connosiuer, I think.  Painted ages ago but I finished the basing recently. Horses using oil wipe method.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

28mm Perry Miniatures Napoleonic Voltiguers painted as swiss from the 4th regiment

These are a group of 6 Perry Miniatures figures painted up as swiss - probably about 1811, 1812.   

I've popped them up for auction here.  

A thought on the pictures:  I photographed this in bright sunlight - which makes it easier to get them clearly in focus - but is too contrasty for my liking.  I wonder if bright sunlight but with a diffusing box is the way to go, benefits of lots of light but no harsh shadows.




Monday, 29 May 2017

Are these the 5 most absurdly priced Napoleonic books?

It's a rainy bank holiday so I find myself tootling through amazon browsing for reading inspiration.  It turns out that these are five most expensive books you can buy on the subject of the Napoleonic wars - should they be?

Counting down they are....

5   Napoleon's Last Grande Armee: Portraits from the 1813 Campaign - leather bound and illustrated,  Alfred Umhey This one is new to me - but here is a copy  listed at £459.97.


4 L'armée de Napoléon : Uniformes du Ier Empire, 1792-1815 - by the same author as above....  Alfred Umhey and Jacques Domange, Another new one on me but looks fab and a snip at £686.93 !





3  Napoleonic Uniforms by Elting and Knotel  -  volumes 1 and 2.  Wonderful set of two volunes (you buy them together when new so all the same book) varied from an almost sensibleish £250 for used copies to £1758.64 for supposedly new copies.


2  Napoleon's Army - hardback by Lucien Rousselot  - priced somewhere between £160 and a truly gobsmacking £1065.8

 I adore his plates - maybe £160 is not insane - but the rest!

1  Napoleonic Uniforms: Volumes 3 and 4 Vassals and Enemies by Elting and Knotel. 

Love these books and lucky enough to have bought them when first published - Thinner volumes than the first two but browsing through them is inspirational.  However certainly wouldn't want to shell out up to £1,898.34  for this pair! The lowest price is around £1200.00!


So what do they have in common?

  1. Pictures - lots of lovely pictures and who doesn;t love lots of uniform pics
  2. The subject is mainly the French army
  3. Mad bookshops with unrealistic expectations

Would I sell the ones of these I own at these prices - hell yes!   Then spend the money on traveling round 2nd handbook shops to buy them back at a lower price. It would be a joy!

Monday, 22 May 2017

Painted Wargames Foundry Pirates

Hello folks - I painted these a looooong time ago, loved the constant stream of interesting figures that once popped out of the Foundry, well we, foundry.

I think most of these were sculpted by Will Hannah....  Here's a load more on the Foundry website.

These are clearly generic, but the site also had Edward Teach and all the other piratey goodness you could hope to find.  There's a 2007 book by the British Historian Angus Konstam on him.