Friday, 26 August 2022

Napoleonic Wargames Blogs for August - what have you lot been doing?

Post of the month: 

Over at Chris has created a wonderful game of D'Erlon's assault at Waterloo.   Let me indulge use all with some of this (make yourself a cuppa and follow the link for a lovely long read). He has also shared downloadable maps and orders of battle.

The grand battery starts firing: 

With the British infantry covered by the reverse slope: 

Reinforcements sent to La Haye Saint:

The French are pushed back by volley fire: 

There are endless wonderful pictures over at -  - go an immerse yourself and have a damned good read. 

Other stuff

JJ has been enjoying some naval action

"Likewise Kiss Me Hardy performed magnificently to produce a fast flowing game with turns proceeding at a good pace and with the ever present uncertainty of the chit driven activation and testing sequence, that had its say many times throughout the game, with its last surprise giving Nathan his opportunity at a double stern rake on the Victorious to set up what seemed like an unlikely French victory."

James Roach explores the Soldiers of Napoleon rules from Artorus Games  (ebay and Gripping Beast (a touch cheaper there).   

The card events have a noticeable effect on the course of a battle but they are not over powerful: I would describe them as well balanced - I like to play them but don't like them played on me! The way you use cards to rally is one of my favourite mechanisms in the game: it's novel, it's quick, it's logical, it's ingenious, you'll like it

and also tested by Madlemmy. 
 I particularly liked the random card driven activation, and the way your force is considered part of a much larger fight, so your division is a small, but probably crucial, part of a greater action fought all around your table. 


 Out of my normal scale but mention the new 75mm figures from the Perry's marking the capture of Banda Aceh.   This reminds me of one of my favourite books Nathaniel's Nutmeg - a wonderful history. 

Another big and beautiful Napoleonic game (30 battalions aside) over on 1866 and all that:

A great big Napoleonic battle at Barry's House - that the way our lives should be! 

Some very pretty  28mm Napoleonic Württemberg Light Infantry popped up as preparation for a joint game. 

Against better judgement... I became excited recently by the prospect of a big group 28mm Napoleonics project. As the project is being inspired by Borodino and the 1812 campaign and I didn't want to do either of the main protagonists, I am aiming at Von Bruxelles' Württemberg light brigade (part of the French 3rd Corp.).


Some beautiful Bavarians at

and the Bavarians from Victrix look fab: 

Another truly epic game over on this time Dresden - in all it's hugeness:  (and promise of more to come) 

Waterloo to Mons enjoyed the clean lines of an old school Hinton Hunt game.

Monday, 30 May 2022

Napoleonic Wargames Blogs for May


Jabba had a great game - singling out a section of the Battle of Leipzig.  

"My task was to capture Probstheida, held by veteran French troops with Napoleon and his Imperial Guard to their rear as a reserve. The Austrians were to pin the Young Guard in place while the Russians on my right were to try and roll up the French left flank, comprised of newly raised units, and prevent them re-enforcing the village. The Russian guard were to exploit any inroads made or capture Probstheida if my Prussians failed".

 Click here to read the whole thing.

Some glorious eyecandy at as he comes close to completing (what a curious idea) his Napoleonic Russian Army in 28mm. 

This is not from may but I've just spotted an effective painting guide over on 

My first experience of the fab JP youtube channel.  Lots of games using General D'Armee (great set of rules) 

Painting tiny tartan....

How nice to have a battle where you legitimately field the entire Imperial Guard!



Sgt Steiner has been testing the Soldiers of Napoleon rules  from Warwick Kinrade at Artorus Games.  They're card driven and Sgt concluded: 

Enjoyable game overall (the cards make it) but unsure if is preferable to other more 'dynamic' sets we use for the period but always nice to have choice/options imho.

Blunders on the Danube is painting Spanish:  Regimiento de Infanteria de Linea "León"

Victrix are close to releasing these veeeeery charging Dragoons (how often did they get this fast - if ever?) 

The Perry's indulged in a Napoleonic Feast of a weekend: 

Monday, 23 May 2022

Partizan Wargames Show May 2022

What a curious day.  Normally I go to shows with a close friend, but he is no longer with us. So I hopped in the car anyway and scootled to Newark.   

I got there at lunchtime and it was warm and inviting and busy. 

These are the things that caught my eye: 

Ian Smith's amazing 40mm -  I was amazed the first time I saw these at the Other Partizan before the plague, and I'm still amazed!  (Ok I'm repeating myself). This was called "Sharpe and Hornblower in Spain 1809""a full display to honour Ian

Carlist Wars: 

I was totally absorbed in the Carlist War game from Westbury Wargamers. The Battle of Arquijas was beautiful to behold.   Thanks for the lovely conversation, your patience with headswaps and pinning and all that glorious colour!

There were some gorgeously painted 28mm ACW figures - I love the talent that can take such samey uniforms and make them glow: This from The Iron Brigade.  They were using a short fast play set of rules Bonnie Blue Flag. 

The Random bits that make a table: 

Not so Easy Company caught my eye for their table clutter. In fact I think I noticed more not military stuff on sale, partly through the mdf laser cut and also 3d printing people, which makes fleshing out the table easier than ever. 

What else?  Small things: 

Who brought these amazing 6mm blocks - a Successors game?  (Update - they are from Sheffield and Rotherm club ) Were they part of the baccus display?  I've always also loved Adler minis. 

And these tiny paper/plastic figures just work!  Why wouldn't we?  I think these were 10mm Napoleonics from - they looked wonderful

Hougmont in 28mm - 

What a wonderful set up from Like a Stonewall.  Huge table but also helped me undertsna dthe tactical problems the French had in such cluttered ground:. 

The Perry's do late 19th Century: 

28mm WW2 Kits: 

I've been here before and probably won't go again, but the quality of kist for 28mm WW2 gamers is extraordinary.   These from Rubicon really caught my eye.

And Finally some twinkling red pyrotechnics in this ACW game - worth therextra effort. Thanks Grimsby Wargames Club - Vicksburg 1863. 

I'll pop other blog posts as I find them: 


and see also 

The traders were:

Selling - 28mm Young Guard - Flanquer Chasseurs Painted 2 battalions

  Here's the link if you want to have a look :  They're the fab green uniforms (with higher officer wearing their blue Middle Guard ...