Monday, 30 May 2022

Napoleonic Wargames Blogs for May


Jabba had a great game - singling out a section of the Battle of Leipzig.  

"My task was to capture Probstheida, held by veteran French troops with Napoleon and his Imperial Guard to their rear as a reserve. The Austrians were to pin the Young Guard in place while the Russians on my right were to try and roll up the French left flank, comprised of newly raised units, and prevent them re-enforcing the village. The Russian guard were to exploit any inroads made or capture Probstheida if my Prussians failed".

 Click here to read the whole thing.

Some glorious eyecandy at as he comes close to completing (what a curious idea) his Napoleonic Russian Army in 28mm. 

This is not from may but I've just spotted an effective painting guide over on 

My first experience of the fab JP youtube channel.  Lots of games using General D'Armee (great set of rules) 

Painting tiny tartan....

How nice to have a battle where you legitimately field the entire Imperial Guard!



Sgt Steiner has been testing the Soldiers of Napoleon rules  from Warwick Kinrade at Artorus Games.  They're card driven and Sgt concluded: 

Enjoyable game overall (the cards make it) but unsure if is preferable to other more 'dynamic' sets we use for the period but always nice to have choice/options imho.

Blunders on the Danube is painting Spanish:  Regimiento de Infanteria de Linea "León"

Victrix are close to releasing these veeeeery charging Dragoons (how often did they get this fast - if ever?) 

The Perry's indulged in a Napoleonic Feast of a weekend: 

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