Sunday, 10 September 2017

The only Victoria Cross won on D Day - a visit to the Green Howards Museums

I was working in North Yorkshire a week or two ago and got some time to pootle through the beautiful market town of Richmond.

On the market square is the Green Howards museum.  £4.50 for entry. It is small but really good.

The one room that takes you a-back is the medal room.  Wall to wall medals, including the only VC won on D day,  the citation for CSM Stanley Hollis reads:

"In Normandy on 6 June 1944 Company Sergeant-Major Hollis went with his company commander to investigate two German pill-boxes which had been by-passed as the company moved inland from the beaches. "Hollis instantly rushed straight at the pillbox, firing his Sten gun into the first pill-box, He jumped on top of the pillbox, re-charged his magazine, threw a grenade in through the door and fired his Sten gun into it, killing two Germans and taking the remainder prisoners.
Later the same day... C.S.M. Hollis pushed right forward to engage the [field] gun with a PIAT [anti-tank weapon] from a house at 50 yards range... He later found that two of his men had stayed behind in the house...In full view of, the enemy who were continually firing at him, he went forward alone...distract their attention from the other men. Under cover of his diversion, the two men were able to get back.
Wherever the fighting was heaviest...[he]...appeared, displaying the utmost gallantry... It was largely through his heroism and resource that the Company's objectives were gained and casualties were not heavier. ....he saved the lives of many of his men"

For more reading try a book on just this subject,  or this wide variety of books on the Green Howards.

 Below are lots of pictures of varying quality - given the rightfully low light in many of the rooms.

If you can go, do, the town is wonderful and the museum worth a mooch.  If not here are some books on the regiment.

There were also wonderful displays for The Crimea, Sudan, Napoleonic Wars, Black Mountain Expedition and WW1 - as well as post war time including Malaya and Northern Ireland

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